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Carestream Digital Impressions System

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The Carestream Dental launched a revolutionary has launched the revolutionary imaging plate system CS 3600 in Chicago. The CS 3600 intraoral scanner has been designed to simplify the tedious scanning procedure. This intraoral scanner provides our dentist with faster, easier and more open scanning options in their hands. The CS 3600 helps in making digital impression workflow less complex and faster. The CS 3600 aims at providing the scans in both 2D and 3D images. Also, the CS 3600 has a scanning range of 13 mm, which restricts the hassles of keeping the scanner at a fixed distance or position, Some of the other benefits of CS 3600 intraoral scanner are:

  1. Capture Natural Color: This scanner allows Our Dentist to define margin lines in the scan making it easier to differentiate between the natural structure of the tooth and any existing restoration.
  2. No external agent is required: The CS 3600 does not require any spray, powder or liquid to be put on the patient's teeth before the scanning procedure
  3. The Device can be easily shared and is easy to hold: Unlike traditional scanning machines, there are not heavy trolleys or machinery to push around. Hence this scanner can be shared between various procedures without having to wait for one procedure to be completed. Also since this scanner weights only 295 gms its is really lightweight, sleek and easy to hold and navigate through your mouth. Contact us for more information. Aim to serve the quality dental services to El Paso and Fort Bliss communities Texas.
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