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A radiant smile is one of the greatest assets you can have. The beautiful smile always gets a well-deserved compliment as it is considered to be a prized possession. Your oral health plays a crucial role in the beauty of the smile. Bacterial invasion of teeth can affect a person’s oral health. Tooth extraction is suggested for a patient when our dentist feels that retaining the damaged tooth can cause more serious problems to other teeth and gum tissues. It is a painless process which is done when there is no other option to save the tooth. Several years of experience and knowledge in dentistry come to play when Dr. Gonzalez performs a treatment with his team. Tooth Extraction in El Paso, Texas is something that we do to improve the oral health of our patients of near by community of El Paso and Fort Bliss Texas and relieve them from dental problems.

What is Tooth Extraction and when should it be done?

Tooth extraction is a process of removing a tooth from its socket. It can be simple or complex process depending on the tooth which is extracted. Irrespective of the complexity, this process is suggested only when the dentist finds out that there is no other way to save the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth also called as third molars are may cause problems while erupting or after eruption such situation extraction requires to save the remaining teeth.

Following are some of the conditions where it may be difficult to save the tooth:

  • A fractured tooth which cannot be restored using root canal treatment or dental crowns
  • A tooth which is affected by infection even after optimal treatment for the same purpose
  • Severe caries or gum diseases
  • Baby teeth that remain leading to problems for the proper eruption of permanent ones
  • Teeth which are leading to serious orthodontic problems

Removing a tooth is necessary if tooth caries reached the extreme extent or get an abscessed tooth is so severe that other treatment will cure the severe infection. So in order to save the neighboring teeth, it is better to extract the severely damaged tooth. Our dentist Dr. Gonzalez is serving the Tooth Extraction service in Fort Blissand EL Paso cities at Sun City Dental office El Paso, Texas.

Tooth Extractions Process:

Our dentist Dr. Gonzalez takes necessary care to see that there is minimal pain during and after the tooth extraction process. Local anesthesia is used during the treatment process and our Implant Dentist makes sure to provide necessary post-operative care tips in order to ensure quicker healing. So Tooth Extraction process goes well with not much complications and pain. X-rays of the tooth which has to be extracted are taken before the procedure starts. An elevator is an instrument which helps to loosen the tooth. Forceps are instruments which aid in removing the tooth. Hence throughout the treatment process, we will give you all comforts so that you feel relax.

Before and After Tooth Extractions El Paso Texas:

Once the tooth has extracted due to several reasons such as severe tooth decay and some injuries it's important to replace the extracted tooth and maintaining good oral hygiene.

You might be suffering from

  • Bleeding, swollen and red puffy gums
  • Jaw pain and swelling around the jawbone
  • Very difficult to open mouth
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Prolonged headache and jaw ache
  • Unpleasant taste of food
  • Swollen lymph nodes of the neck

These are all the symptoms and problems when you have impacted tooth. Thorough dental checkup our Cosmetic Dentist El Paso will extract the impacted tooth.

After the Extraction Process:

  • Prescribed medication will reduce the pain
  • Keeping an ice pack and cooling pad to reduce the swelling
  • Avoid smoking and other tobacco products
  • Slowly open the mouth and try to avoid solid foods till you feel comfort
  • A gentle rinse with lukewarm water
  • Call our dentist when you feel discomfort during the healing time
  • Tooth Restorations are available at Sun City Dental office in El Paso Texas, replace your extracted tooth to preserve your healthy smile.

Complex Tooth Extraction El Paso Procedures may require a surgery to be performed. This happens when the tooth is underneath the gum tissues or when it is located in a position where it cannot be easily accessed. Our dentist is an expert in performing both simple and complex tooth extraction procedures. We have a number of methods to restore missing teeth. We can help patients quickly gain back their lost tooth/teeth with our tooth/teeth restoration techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions - Tooth Extractions El Paso and Fort Bliss TX

2. What is a dry socket?

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After the extraction of a tooth, blood clots forms in the socket to protect the nerves and bone underneath. Sometimes that clot become dislodged a couple of days after the extraction due to some food habits or smoking then nerves and bone will be exposed to air it creates pain. Blood flow to the socket is necessary for proper healing.

3. Should I replace the tooth after Extraction?

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If you wish to replace you can. Our dentist Dr. Gonzalez will discuss the Tooth replacement benefits and disadvantages of not replacing the tooth after extraction. The exception of Wisdom teeth most of the teeth will need to be replaced after they have been extracted. Missing tooth causes the alignment structure and leaving other teeth more susceptible to damage and tooth decay. We use the cutting-edge Technology to treat each dental problems. Visit Sun City Dental office in El Paso Texas.

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