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Tooth Extraction is the procedure of extracting or removing the damaged or the decayed tooth without using any harmful chemicals or toxins. It focuses on the wellness of the entire body starting with the mouth and considering the future of the patient. Tooth extraction is all about what is good for the body as well as the teeth and the gums.

A recent study has found that nearly 80% of Americans suffer from some form of Dental Ailments. It may be due to dental decay, tooth cavity, plaque, and gum related diseases. When the gums, pulp, and the enamel get infected by germs, the tooth tends to get eroded or decayed as the bacteria thrive vigorously inside the mouth. A tooth which is beyond repair, decayed and cannot be restored needs to be extracted immediately.

In the early stages, one may not find any symptoms of dental decay. But your dentist may able to trace a cavity with the help of X-rays. This is just more reason for a patient to visit a dentist at regular intervals, as minor cavities are much easier to treat than forming advanced decay. Once the bacteria reach the dentin or the pulp, your tooth becomes highly sensitive, especially when consuming sweet food and drinks. This begins with a mild toothache that can aggravate your mouth over a period of time. If you do not visit the dentist on time, it may make matters worse and you may have to lose a tooth which could have been saved.

Meet our dentist Dr. Gonzalez present at Sun City Dental El Paso Texas is well versed in tooth extraction procedures and treatments in El Paso and Fort Bliss Texas. We do not simply extract the teeth but do it in a holistic manner. We don’t use any chemicals, metals or toxic materials in our treatments, keeping your oral health and general health in mind to offer a natural and mercury free treatments for our patients.

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