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Teeth whitening procedure and foods to avoid to reduce staining

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Your teeth look healthy and attractive when they are bright. The natural color of teeth can be classified into four categories and further into many different shades. When the teeth are yellowed by stains, they look less appealing and may cause embarrassment to people. Tooth whitening is a cosmetic procedure performed to remove stains and brighten your teeth. It is one of the procedures which many patients seek out because it requires just a single visit and the transformation is visible immediately after the treatment. At our El Paso, Texas office, tooth whitening is one of the cosmetic procedures we perform to enhance the smiles of people. The treatment has helped us create good-looking smiles for the people of the city and surrounding communities.

The color of natural teeth

The natural color of teeth differs from person to person. It can be broadly classified into four categories. Gray, reddish-gray, reddish-yellow and reddish-brown are the four colors. Food habits, smoking, some diseases and medication can bring about changes in the natural color of your teeth. Wine, coffee, cola and some dark colored drinks can stain the teeth. The enamel layer of natural teeth is porous in nature. Dark pigments can fill the porous layer to cause staining which makes the teeth look dull. Clearing out these stains is one of the ways to brighten your teeth.

Tooth whitening at our Sun City Dental office

Tooth whitening is a procedure which can be performed when teeth are healthy. Any tooth that is decayed should be treated before the tooth whitening because whitening agents can harm the decayed tooth further. First, our team performs a thorough check of your teeth and takes pictures. We gauge the brightness of the teeth using a shade scale. The pictures and gauging helps us compare the difference made after the whitening procedure. The whitening agents used in the procedure has hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These compounds can enter the porous enamel layer of teeth and undergo oxidation to clear stains. First, the gums of the patient are covered using a protective gel. The whitening agents are applied over the surface of teeth and a special light is shined over it. The light accelerates the oxidation process. One sitting may take about 20 minutes. Depending on the dullness of the teeth, a patient may require two sittings during a visit. On completion of the treatment, the gel is removed and patients can check out the difference in their smile. Patients are advised about how to protect the brightness of teeth.

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