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Common Myths about Root Canal Treatment in El Paso, Fort Bliss Texas

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There are so many misconceptions surrounding endodontic treatment but actually, it helps to save a severely damaged tooth. The procedure to remove the infected pulp will be a little painful but ultimately the tooth will be saved from being extracted. Hence the natural tooth will be protected.

Myth #1: Root Canal Treatment Cause Extreme Pain:

An infected pulp and damaged nerves in the tooth cause intolerable pain if you keep it as it is, but a root canal treatment is done to alleviate the pain and it will be performed under some anesthetic condition. Hence some of our patients admit that they didn't feel much discomfort during the treatment procedure.

Myth #2: Completing a Root Canal Requires More Appointments:

Treatment will be completed in one or two appointments but it depends on a few factors to restore your natural tooth with all functionality such as the extent of the infection, the difficulty of the treatment, and how your body adjusts to the root canal therapy and so on.

Myth #3: Root Canal Therapy Causes Illness:

Many have thought that a root canal treatment contributes to the occurrence of disease in the body. It is certainly false news. Do you know that your mouth is generally filled with millions of bacteria? Once we get a cavity, the infection starts to spread over the tooth until we take care of the tooth infection. It will not treat itself. Accordingly, root canal therapy helps to preserve the natural tooth remaining infected more and rebuilt with other restoration methods. A healthy immune system will take care of the bacteria in a matter of time. Hence it will not lead to any illness but ignoring it will to other complications.

Myth #4: Tooth Extraction is a Good Alternative to Root Canal Therapy:

Saving the natural tooth, if possible, is the very best option.

Endodontic therapy restores the natural tooth by treating the critically infected pulp and nerves and it is less expensive than other extraction methods. Conserving a natural tooth and its functionality feels comfortable than having an artificial one.

Speak to our dentist Dr. Iven Gonzalez for more information on Root Canal treatment. Call our office at 915-201-2539. Visit Sun City Dental office in El Paso Texas. We provide all kinds of dental treatments such as Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Root Canal Treatment, Dentures, Tooth Extractions and more in El Paso and Fort Bliss Texas location.

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