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Preventive Dental Care: Is it Really Important?

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Why Is Preventive Care Important?

Prevention is better than cure - you should have heard this proverb many times from your teachers, parents or guardians. This short phrase says a lot and makes us realize why prevention is important to maintain good health. That said, oral health is also important to maintain good health. People are often seen not maintaining a good oral hygiene and ignore their oral health until there is a major dental issue. Instead of depending on a cure to treat the dental problem, preventing the cause can be helpful to avoid the risk of development of a major disease.

Preventive dentistry focuses on preventing dental problems rather than finding ways to cure them. Failing to brush & floss regularly, skipping dental visits, not maintaining a healthy diet and various other factors can be a cause of major dental issues. Let's discuss few factors which are generally overlooked by the people.

Regular brushing and flossing: Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day can help remove plaque from your teeth. If this routine is not followed regularly, plaque can form and lead a way to cause gum disease and tooth decay. Moreover, it is also important to brush for at least two minutes, as many people make it a point that they brush twice a day but the duration of brushing is often less than a minute.

Healthy Diet: It is important to maintain a healthy diet as it not only benefits oral health but also your overall health. While you eat, make sure you choose the foods or beverages wisely, as eating and drinking certain foods or beverages can increase the risk of tooth decay.

Routine dental visits: Many dental problems don't show any signs or symptoms until they become severe. Thus, it is important to make a dental visit every 6 months in order to detect the problems earlier. During your dental checkup, our dentist Dr. Gonzalez will carry out a comprehensive dental checkup and prevent the dental issues reaching an advanced stage.

Injury protection: An injury to your mouth or teeth can severely affect your dental health. Thus, it is important to make sure you follow preventive measures to protect your teeth from injuries. It is recommended to wear a mouthguard while playing outdoor sports and wear a helmet while you are riding a bike or for the sports activity for which you have participated.

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