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Missing teeth are one among the major dental problems which have raised concerns among Americans today. As per an estimate, about 20% of women aged above 40 use one or the other form of denture as a replacement for their missing teeth. This helps people with the regular functionality of mouth and keeps them in good dental health. False teeth have effectively worked as a prosthetic appliance. They are the replacement for some or all of the missing teeth and for teeth which are in such a bad condition that they cannot be repaired.

At Sun City Dental your dental needs come as a priority and our team does everything possible to fulfill the requirements and make sure that you are in best dental health. Our treatment with dentures in El Paso Texas has successfully won the freedom to eat the favorite dishes to many of our El Paso and Fort Bliss TX patients.

Treatment with Dentures:

These restoratives are dental prosthesis which is used when some or most of the teeth are missing or are in very bad condition. Our dentist conducts thorough check up of teeth which are remaining and the gums before deciding if a patient truly requires dentures. Once it is found that dentures are necessary, the impression of gums is taken. This helps in designing the dentures. Any remaining teeth which are in pathetic condition are pulled off and the mouth is left for healing for few weeks. Meanwhile, based on the measurements and impressions collected from the patient dentures are prepared in the lab. The dentist fits the denture and guides patients on how to use it. The patient has to get the dentures corrected once in few months if they loosen because of shrinking of gums and jaw bone. Oral hygiene is of high importance when living with dentures. Any food particles left on the gums or false teeth can attract bacteria and cause serious infections in the mouth. With good care, these can truly bring back the lost energy and smile in the life of patients. It may take some time for patients to get used to it. Initially, patients may face some uneasiness while wearing the dentures. But this is only temporary. In a few weeks of time, patients will be comfortable with dentures and will start enjoying their meal. It is equally important that one should visit a dentist periodically to make minor modifications until your denture fits comfortably.

Types of Dentures:

Depending on the mouth structure and requirement of the teeth, dentures are available in different types:

  • Complete Full Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Custom made Dentures
  • Implant Supported Dentures
  • Immediate Dentures
  • Over Dentures

Benefits of Dentures El Paso Texas:

The main purpose of Denture to set the fully functional set of teeth that will look exactly like natural teeth. These are false teeth but Cosmetic Dentistry has evolved in such a vast combination so that dentures have overcome by many discomforts by giving proper functionality and appearance. Our Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Gonzalez will ensure that you enjoy a comfortable fit and look by Denture.

  • Provide ability to bite and chew
  • It supports facial muscle and structure
  • Stop the sagging of cheeks and oral bone
  • It will support for Dental Implants
  • It's a quick way to get a confident smile and natural looking result
  • Speech problems will be reduced and Easy Maintain
  • With a proper denture care, you can enjoy your favorite food
  • Vastly improved denture technology gives you younger look
  • It's easy to adjust and remove
  • Good way to restore your smile if you don't have teeth at all
  • Help to improve oral health

Care for dentures:

One should take proper care of these restoratives in order to get the best from it. As dentures are artificial teeth, food lodgment around denture can increase chances of gum infection. Remember to clean and brush your denture after every meal in order to prevent lodgment of food. Do make it a point to clean and brush your denture with a toothbrush. This will prevent the dentures from staining. Dentures which are not fitting properly should be replaced immediately. Please visit Sun City Dental situated in El Paso, Texas. Our Implant Dentist Fort Bliss will assist you with all the information you require. What are you waiting for? Call now at 915-201-2539 to make an appointment with our dentist and find out how this option can change your smile and your appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions - Dentures El Paso and Fort Bliss TX

2. How often should I clean my Dentures?

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For the best performance and durability, clean the denture after every meal. For the better results soak your denture in lukewarm water and damp it by using a towel. Brush and clean your denture with the help of denture cleaner.

3. Does Denture impact on the taste of my favorite food?

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No, all the tasting buds are on the tongue. Hence covering the palate and teeth with denture will not affect the taste of the food. You may feel a slight difference because you wear the denture. Once your mouth use to adjust with dentures you will feel much difference.

4. What are dentures?

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Dentures are the set of artificial teeth placed on the jaw and a removable dental frame. It can be both used for partial or complete set either for upper jaw or lower jaw depends upon a number of missing teeth. Dentures also called as dental plate.
It is mainly of two types:

  • Complete dentures - All missing teeth are replaced with complete dentures either upper or lower jaw
  • Partial dentures – A part of missing teeth replaced with partial dentures in between natural teeth.

5. Who are the candidates eligible for dentures?

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People who have lost almost all their teeth completely or partially are completely eligible for the denture. If you have any dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease or bone loss, the doctor will examine and follows related dental treatment before having dentures. For more information that you eligible for dentures or not, call 915-201-2539 Implant Dentist Dr. Iven Gonzalez at Sun City Dental office in El Paso, Fort Bliss TX and make an appointment with us.

6. What is the estimated lifespan of dentures?

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The Average estimated lifespan of dentures is around 8 to 10 years depending upon how well the dentures are taken care. Once, you feel any major changes in your dentures then it’s time to have new dentures.

7. What is the cost of dentures at Sun City Dental?

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It is difficult to estimate the cost for Dentures El Paso that either you require complete or partial dentures. The cost may also vary upon the size of jaw structure, missing teeth, type of denture material and many other factors.

8. Should I need to wear dentures while sleeping?

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The best practice is not to wear dentures while sleeping because it helps gums tissue to rest and stimulate normally. Wearing Dentures at night may affect your oral health condition and cause future gum problems.

9. How long it takes to get my dentures?

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The Average estimated time to get new dentures is around 4 weeks or 1 month. If you are looking for new dentures, call us at 915-201-2539 and schedule an appointment with him.

10. What is the treatment process involved in dentures?

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The treatment process involves various phases of treatment, such are:

  • Phase 1: Doctor will examine the dental patient and takes an X-ray of jawbone structure
  • Phase 2: Next, we will take an accurate impression of teeth structure using wax rims
  • Phase 3: For a 2nd appointment, you need to visit again after 2 weeks for extraction of teeth for having complete dentures
  • Phase 4: In 3rd appointment again 2 weeks after bone healing and everything set fine, the dentist will place a complete or partial denture in the mouth

11. Do Dentures affect my speech, appearance, and chewing?

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After placing dentures in your mouth it takes few days to fit into your jaw and may feel slight discomfort to speak, appearance of the smile and chewing food. Once, the dentures fit properly you can speak, smile and chew any food you like without discomfort. Every day after removing dentures from the mouth it requires special hygiene care for long lasting results. After some years, you may need new dentures because estimated lifespan for dentures is around 10 years.

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